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Get Featured On TikTok’s “For you” Page:6 Mind-Blowing Tricks.

Whether you are a content creator or influencer, everybody’s aim wants to get featured on the “for you page.”

When your video appears on the for you page, you will get more likes and engagement rates. Moreover, many people will engage with your content.

Do you think it is easy to get featured on the “for you” page? Absolutely, yes, but you need to follow the rules and strategies. Usually, on the for you page, videos will be displayed on previous watch history. TikTok, check if any of your videos match the audience’s past video, then you have a chance to appear. 

I think you know what TikTok is. Well, it’s famous for video sharing, its app which allows the users to create short videos. Many of them use this platform for marketing purposes. 

In this article, you will spot some useful tricks to get your video to appear on TikTok.

Video Quality Matters 

Quality plays a significant role in TikTok’s video. Once you create your video, ensure it has good quality, rather than blurring. It makes your followers watch your video. If your video is high-quality, mainly, it will be best if it’s edited. And look aesthetically enticing, then you have more chances to get appear on the “for you” page. 

Engaging Content Is Must

While you create content, remember, on the one hand, it must be funny, unique, and showcase your personality. On the other hand, it must be relevant to trending topics, popular songs, and videos. Your videos must entertain your followers. It keeps them to expect from your account. 

At the same, you need to create trending topics all the time. Whenever there are no viral videos, you can create content on your interest for your target audience. Ensure it must be attractive, funny, and it must be worthy. 

Integrate Trends & Challenges 

Daily, it would be best if you got aware of popular trends and challenges that are streaming on TikTok. When you create videos on those topics, you will receive maximum reach. And you have a higher chance of getting viral and receiving more visibility. You can find popular challenges, streaming songs on the discover page. Once you spot them, don’t wait for a second to start creating videos on them. While doing, remember it must be unique. Try to express your creative skill. This is because, since everyone will try the challenge, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Make Use Of Trending Music 

While editing your TikTok videos, you have the option to add effects and background music. It helps to make your video engaging, especially if you add trending music or songs. It will create more chances to get displayed on the “for you” page. 

Engage With Other Users 

Did you know? If you start interacting with other users’ content like likes and comments, you can increase your engagement rate. It is like a reciprocal method. You can also check out bouxtie website to boost your engagement and audience’s attention. Do like and reply to your audience’s comments on your video. It helps to gain traction. Replying to your audience’s comments will build a good relationship with your audience.

Keep An Eye On Trending Hashtags 

It helps to increase your visibility. When a user searches for any specific content or challenge, if you use that hashtag in your content, then your video will appear in front of the users. Especially if you are trending and popular hashtags, then you will get engagement.


TikTok is not like other platforms, it has a younger audience, and content is quickly moved. It has its own algorithm and structure. First, understand how this platform works, then plan your content according to that. I hope this article is useful for you to get featured on the “for you” page.

How To Create Successful IGTV Series- Few Significant Tips

IGTV is like Instagram’s sister app, which is to create a long-form mobile-friendly video. Similar to traditional TV, videos can be played one after another. On IGTV, you have channels rather than profiles. In the beginning, when IGTV was launched, many have faced difficulties to use this platform. Also, they have no idea how to get traction. So, IGTV has undergone many changes to satisfy the user-experiences. Now, it is slowly growing, brands and marketers find it useful to promote their business in different precepts. One of the biggest advantages of IGTV is, it allows you to create a series. Even, you can come up with playlists and upload videos regularly. 

In this article, let’s see a few tips to create a successful IGTV series.

Why IGTV Series?

IGTV or Instagram TV introduced a new feature called series, which is almost like a playlist on YouTube, Facebook.

Here, you can construct a series; as per your wish, you can select the topic. Under your topic, you can upload content regularly. It is like a playlist; you can post similar content grouped together. Moreover, you can watch your series on both your IGTV app and with your Instagram profile. It helps to maximize your reach and attain lots of audience attention. 

One of the benefits of the Instagram TV series is that it encourages your audience to repeatedly visit your channel. Your channel is providing a valuable reason for your audience to get back to your channel. In return, you will obtain InstagramTV views, which helps to gain audience attention and increase exposure. So, automatically you can hold audience engagement for a more extended period.

Depending on your business, brand, you can choose a topic, content ideas for your series. 

How To Turn Your IGTV Series Into High-Performing Content

Create Captivating, Linked Series 

If you planned to create an Instagram series, remember one thing, your series influences your audience to visit your channel to watch more. So, you need to come up with exciting concepts that must flow well. 

Think, from your audience’s side, what they expect or want from you and find what they need. Once you have an answer to that stuff, you will have a clear idea about the series. Analyze your audience’s interest, preference the plan content according to that. Keep in mind, entertainment and engagement is a must.

Don’t Forget To Promote Your Series. 

Promotion is one of the mandatory steps to gain more exposure. IF you want to gain enough Instagram TV views, then you have to promote your content. One of the best options is sharing a preview of your video in the feed part. It will drag your followers to your channel; they will enter your videos with lots of excitement and little hype. Share the short clippings of your video on your Instagram story. On the other hand, you can upload it on multiple channels to grab the audience’s attention.

Catch Audience Eyesights 

The first 15 seconds of your video is more significant because it only decides your audience to click your video or not. Within that time, ensure you have revealed what the video is about and why it matters. It can be hilarious, peculiar, simple; anyway, your only goal is to get users’ attention to your video. So, they will continue to watch the rest of the video. 


IGTV may be a new platform, but it has great potential to create good relationships with your potential customers. It is a perfect place to build brand awareness and trust. With a long-form video, you can give your expertise a demo, share your knowledge and more information with your followers. I hope you all enjoyed this article; sure, this will guide you to enhance your IGTV series.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Successful Guide About Instagram Ads Campaign That Drives Industry

Are you moving from Instagram as it sounds new and unknown to you? Then you might be losing out on the golden opportunity for the perfect exposure. Instagram has a higher engagement platform, where several millennials. Also, Gen Z audiences make their online presence. 

You can merge organic interactions with well-made Instagram advertising campaigns. You can receive your product in front of the audience’s eyes. Then start checking out the productive outcomes. 

Moreover, our article helps you know about Instagram. However, ideal methods to create your IG advertising campaign. 

Facts About Instagram Advertising:

Instagram advertising means to be the sponsored arrangements of posts on the platform. Do you want to promote on social media platforms using organic ads? Then it can look like a contradictory choice for spending money on organic posts. Anyhow, always paid Instagram ad campaigns can generate useful results. Later free posting, which is incomparable. 

Late in December 2019, Instagram got 800 million active enabled users. Instagram has a post of 300 million stories. 

Over 25 million businesses, several audiences are competing for the same prospects for your business. 

Paid ads receive your posts in front of people’s eyes. It is several times every day. Also, these ads display IG ads focusing on the targeted audience. 

When you advertise on Instagram, you can either use images or videos as the target, which works well comparatively than text-based ads. You can include a headline, few lines of text, and a call-to-action. 

These ads will seem very much like a standard Instagram post. It lets them suit the Instagram user’s experience. 

Types of Instagram Advertising Campaigns:

Instagram ads are classified into four generic types: video ads, image ads, carousel ads, and video ads by using several stories and images. 

Do you want to know what type of ad campaign works for your profile? The ad is based upon the business you are pursuing and what kind of audience you wish to focus on. 

Various advertising methods will work for varied audiences who wish to become successful. Instagram ads are one of the effective ways of boosting Instagram impressions for organic reach. Also, we can understand the benefits out of every ad and their feature:

Photo Ads:

Photo ads always use a single image. It should be an image that consists of your brand explaining a story by one image. These ads can be highly productive even when the audience doesn’t tap. You can receive an IG impression as the user moves into the website, even if others don’t connect within your Instagram ad. 

Video ads:

A video ad can range up to 60 seconds longer. Anyhow, researchers using Wista tell us that the first 30-seconds for your video are essential. Primarily, you grab your audience directly into your Instagram videos. 

Video ads can be ideal for brands. What products are most fascinating in actions? A content maker who started a new, flowy circle skirt can attract views with a moving model’s videos. 

Say, for instance, you can also need to be ensured that your video is attractive without sound effects. Several audiences don’t play videos in their feed with sound effects. 

Carousel Ads:

It is ideal for when you have got a new line of products to display. Say, for instance, a company with fresh furniture arrival can make a series of images that target every design in turn. 

A restaurant can also display several fresh ingredients that reach into the new dish. 

IG Stories:

Always, Instagram stories are a pretty new quality that has obtained a higher count of conversions. Story ads are the full-screen ads that display users’ scroll along the Stories feed on their account. 

About 150 million Instagram users check their stories every day. As level features content expires after a short amount of time, people check in to prevent it. What is going on with their group and the audiences who they follow back?

Thanks for reading the article!