Brands and businesses who are familiar with the Instagram platform will no doubt also be familiar with the stories feature of Instagram. Instagram stories are also known as IG stories. The use of vertical video across social media and stories has increased rapidly, with brands and businesses aiming to make interactive and engaging content. This is evident in the advent of Facebook stories and YouTube as well as the popularity of TikTok, although in terms of the marketing prowess, none match the scale of Instagram stories. Instagram stories are much more than just a video marketing tool. 


Instagram has more than one billion active users. Among them, nearly 87% post stories daily basis. This makes a huge potential for businesses and brands looking to get their content out to the masses.  Most of the business used to buy Instagram story views for their growth. Instagram stories are videos and photos posted by the account of Instagram that vanish after twenty-four hours.  After the expiry, these stories posts available in the archives of the account. Stories may also be added on users’ profile page as a “highlight” with a customizable image on the thumbnail. Because of their added functions within the feature like GIFs, polls, Stickers, and more and the short life span, they can come across as more engaging and authentic to viewers.

Stories appear in the top bar of your Instagram feed. New story posts are indicated by a  colorful ring around a profile photo of users.  Once you click the story, the content will automatically display on a full screen, and it will automatically play in chronological order. Unlike Instagram regular posts, users are not able to publicly comment on a story or like, although private reactions and comments can be made through Instagram Direct. Interactions made on the stories feature polls and replies to questions and also it can be shared publicly.  You can see who has viewed your Instagram story in the bottom left corner of your story screen.


The dimension of the Instagram story has an optimal resolution of 1080 * 1920, and also, there is a safety zone of approximately around 180 * 1400.  The size of the Instagram story video should be under four GB (videos).  The length of the Instagram story should be under fifteen seconds per post, although the longer videos automatically will be split into fifteen seconds snippets once you are uploaded.

Upload a video or photo from your phone. You may add multi or more pictures to a single story on Instagram by including them as a sticker.  

Taking a video or photo on Instagram stories –  click on the white color circle at the screen’s foot to take a picture or record a video.  You may toggle between various functions and filters at the screen’s foot, such as boomerang or hands-free.

Reposting feed post or another story —    you may post and repost stories from other Instagram accounts that have allowed in their settings.  Reposted posts and stories appear as a sticker on your Instagram story.