Instagram is the 6th most popular social media application in the world, having more than 80M daily active users. This made e-commerce businesses include the Instagram platform as an advertising channel. Insatgram videos are considered one of eBay’s marketing strategies;  Buy automatic Instagram likes  to make your strategy successful. Forty percent of the social media marketers believe that the Instagram platform produces the 3rd best advertising ROI compared to other social media networks out there. To promote the businesses, more than 2M advertisers use Instagram platforms. There are five types of advertising you can run on Instagram; these ads are incorporated into Instagram Stories and Instagram posts.

  • Stories ads: ad creation with Instagram stories
  • Slideshow ads: create an ad with up to ten images in a looping format
  • Carousel ads: the creation of an ad with two or more scrollable videos or images
  • Video ads: creating an Ad with only one video
  • Photo Ads: creating an Ad with only one photo/image


Similar to a normal Instagram post, your Photo ad will display like a picture. These ads will help eCommerce businesses to communicate with their target audience in a visual format. 


Video ads will help you to share a video ad for sixty seconds duration. 


Another ad format on Instagram allows the online store to display long-type ads. With the help of 2 scrollable videos or images, you can create this ad on Instagram.


Slideshow type of ads is a hybrid between carousel and video ads. You can use up to ten images that will roll as a video format automatically. 


Instagram stories are an immersive experience and fullscreen experience for viewers. You can view both videos and photos on your stories ads.

Advertising on Instagram gives you two different successful ways to run your ads: they are 

  • Creating ads via Ads Manager of Facebook
  • Directly creating ads on the Instagram application

How to advertise on Instagram via Ads Manager On Facebook

Instagram and Facebook use the same ads tool because Facebook owns Instagram. That tool’s name is Ads manager. 

Step 1: objective selection

To create an Instagram ad using Ads Manager, you have to follow the below steps: you have three ultimate goals for the business to choose from, using Ads manager:

  • Conversion: take good responses for your eCommerce store or promote people to buy services or products.
  • Consideration: to drive audiences to begin assessing your online services or products.
  • Awareness: to help you demand and strengthen the familiarity for your services or products you sell or your online store.
  • Awareness: reach and brand awareness
  • Consideration: engagement, traffic, video views, app installs, and lead generations
  • Conversion: conversions, catalog sales, and store visits

Step 2: audience defining

  • Targeting custom audience
  • Connections targeting
  • Detailed targeting
  • Target lookalike audience

Step 3: Select where to display your ads

Running the ads for your online stores by using an ads manager will give you different types of ad placements to choose from. 

Step 4: determine your schedule and determine your budget.

Step 5: designing your ad

  • Text
  • Format
  • Call to call action

Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Get Offer, Get Showtimes, Learn More, Listen Now, Request Time, See Menu, Shop Now, Sign Up, Subscribe, Watch More.


  • First, you have to choose your media, 
  • and select an outcome (more promotion views, more website traffic, more profile visits), 
  • and choose your target audience(manual, local, and automatic)
  • Setup your duration and budget
  • Publish and review

One of the best practices for Instagram advertising is to enhance your creatives. Instagram offers the best apps that are innovative and highly creative using Layout, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang.